Kyle Wilson, Founder of the Lessons From Network, Jim Rohn International ( and, Shares 52 Stories of Wisdom, Lessons and Distinctions He's Learned from Working with Legends Like

Jim Rohn – Zig Ziglar – Denis Waitley – Jeffrey Gitomer – Les Brown Og Mandino - Brian Tracy – Harvey Mackay and More

A sampling of stories include lessons learned from personally working with:

Lessons You Will Learn:

  • The pivotal secret Brian Tracy shared with Kyle that helped him go from a struggling promotor to working directly with Brian, Jim Rohn, Og Mandino and other great speakers
  • One of the great lessons Kyle's 18-year friend, mentor and partner, Jim Rohn, shared during what could have been a major debacle but turned out to be one of the most profound lessons Kyle ever learned
  • 3 powerful lessons Kyle gleaned while spending 2 days with SMI Founder, Paul J Meyer
  • The big idea Kyle learned from Mark Victor Hansen that helped Mark and Jack sell over 100 million books
  • The Rock Paper Scissors of all sales success from Jeffrey Gitomer
  • What Jim Rohn said was the one thing that matters most
  • The greatest marketing lesson Kyle ever learned that proved to be the foundation to incredible success at Jim Rohn International, YourSuccessStore and other businesses Kyle's built
  • The leadership tip John Maxwell shared with Kyle that became a game changer
  • How Karen Salmansohn taught Kyle to turn his enemies into his teachers
  • Zig's priceless advice to Kyle on how to choose your business partners

And More..

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